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  • PHD-QMA-103 - Behind the mystique: what academic writing is, and how to get better at it
    This half-day workshop takes a fresh look at academic writing, de-mystifying it with activities to help you write more clearly and stylishly in your discipline. 
  • RD-QMA-020 - Story-telling skills for engaging an audience with your research 
    This half-day workshop will identify and explore the key elements of story-telling and develop your ability to apply them within an academic context.
  • PHD-QMA-107 - Becoming Writers: the art, craft and practice of effective academic writing
    This half-day workshop aims to equip you with the capabilities and skills that will turn you into an effective writer, enabling the quality of your writing to match the strength of your ideas.
  • PHD-QMA-301 - Writing Your Thesis
    This workshop will give you a better understanding of the purpose and structure of a PhD thesis and will give you some tools to help you plan your thesis writing. We will also practise and apply techniques to overcome writer’s block.
  • RD-QMA-201 - Finding your Voice as an Academic Writer 
    This intensive and interactive workshop explores what it means to develop an authentic voice of your own. Its chief goal is to help you identify and refine your voice as a writer, enabling it to be heard above the clamour of competing voices in your field.
  • RS-MC-001* - How to write an opinion piece and get published
    In this session you will learn how to spot an opportunity for an opinion piece, how to pitch your idea, and how to write so that your editor comes back to you for more. This workshop will be co-delivered by a guest speaker from the Conversation.
  • RS-QMA-001 - Writing popular science
    This course takes you through the process of writing a popular book, from conception to completion. It considers your motivation and then how you can make the transition from academic to popular writing by deeply appreciating the viewpoint of the publisher and your general reader.
  • RD-QMA-009 (half day) or RD-QMA-010 (full day) - Let's Write! Online Writing Retreat
    These full-day or half-day writing retreats will provide you with structured time to focus on your writing and stay on track with the support of your peers. We'll also run 1-to-1 feedback sessions during the day to give you some tips on different kinds of writing and different techniques to try to keep your productivity where you would like it to be.

*This workshop is delivered by the PR Team.