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Queen Mary Academy

Public & Media Engagement

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  • RD-MC-001* - Introduction to Marketing and Comms
    This session will give you an insight into what the Directorate of Marketing & Communications doed and will show how you can help us to publicise your own work and raise QMUL’s public profile.
  • RS-MC-001* - How to write an opinion piece and get published
    In this session you will learn how to spot an opportunity for an opinion piece, how to pitch your idea, and how to write so that your editor comes back to you for more. This workshop will be co-delivered by a guest speaker from the Conversation.
  • RD-MC-002* - How to promote your research to the media
    This session will explore how the media chooses what to cover, how journalists gather stories and how the QMUL Public Relations team work effectively with different news organisations to get our stories across to wider audiences.
  • RS-QMA-001 - Writing popular science
    This course takes you through the process of writing a popular book, from conception to completion. It considers your motivation and then how you can make the transition from academic to popular writing by deeply appreciating the viewpoint of the publisher and your general reader.
  • RD-PE-003# - Introduction to Engaging with Schools and Families
    In this workshop we discuss how directly engaging younger audiences can serve as effective means to not only disseminate but also inform your research.
  • RD-PE-001#- Introduction to Community Engagement
    In this workshop we discuss how different forms of community engagement can serve as effective means to engage with a public in a variety of ways and contribute to the community around QMUL.
  • RD-PE-002#- Introduction to engaging with policymakers 
    In this workshop we discuss how engagement with policy makers can serve as effective means to disseminate your research while helping to inform public policy.
  • RD-PE-008# - Hands on engagement: taking research to events and festivals
    This training will cover some of the best ways to engage drop-in audiences in festivals, pop-up stalls, and museum late events, as well as covering the benefits and challenges of taking part in these events.
  • RD-PE-005# - Public Engagement Masterclass
    This half-day workshop is designed for anyone looking to take their first steps in public engagement, or those who have undertaken projects before and would like to cement their learning in this area.
  • RD-PE-004- Introduction to evaluating public engagement 
    This session will look at some of the commonly used techniques and approaches to evaluating public engagement projects, including planning and embedding evaluation into public engagement activities, capturing feedback in innovative ways, and producing meaningful evaluation reports that can be used as evidence of Impact.

*These workshops are delivered by the PR Team.
#These workshops are delivered by The Centre for Public Engagement.