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Queen Mary Academy

PhD Process

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  • PHD-QMA-010 - Practical Advice for PhD Students (Q&A)
    This Q&A session will cover practical issues for PhD students during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as access to labs, interruptions, extensions and update on vivas.
  • PHD-QMA-105 - Working With Your Supervisor 
    The aim of this course is to assist you with thinking about the student-supervisor relationship and to help you to explore how you could manage that relationship more effectively.
  • PHD-QMA-104 - Getting Started with your PhD
    The course helps researchers who are in the first 6 months into their doctorate to focus on building understanding, capability and confidence in communication, planning, time management, identifying potential stress points and preparing for them.
  • PHD-QMA-301 - Writing Your Thesis
    This workshop will give you a better understanding of the purpose and structure of a PhD thesis and will give you some tools to help you plan your thesis writing. We will also practise and apply techniques to overcome writer’s block.
  • PHD-QMA-300 - Preparing for Your Viva 
    In this workshop, we will dicuss the purpose, structure and possible outcomes of the viva and you will be introduced to key preparatory tasks that need to be done before the viva.