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Personal Effectiveness

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  • PHD-QMA-105 - Working with Your Supervisor
    This workshop will assist you with thinking about the important relationship between a PhD student and supervisor and we will explore how you could manage that relationship more effectively.
  • RD-QMA-011 - Managing your time and workload effectively in a research environment
    This workshop is for any researcher interested in improving their skills of time and workload management. 
  • RD-QMA-013 - Project Management for Researchers 
    This workshop will help you to define a project, from its initiation, planning, and execution stages, through to its closure.
  • RD-JRMO-101 - Planning and Managing your Ethical Research Project 
This course is open to researchers who are in the process of planning their research with human participants. You will be given a general understanding of research ethics, as well have an opportunity to discuss your individual work.
  • RD-QMA-006 - Mindmapping for Researchers
    The workshop teaches you how to use mind mapping: a note-making, planning, creativity and organisational tool.
  • RD-QMA-005 - Speed-reading for Researchers
    In this workshop you’ll be invited to examine your current reading skills and to experiment with techniques for enhancing them.
  • PHD-QMA-001 - Reading Strategically and Analytically
    During this workshop we’ll explore your current reading practices: What’s your approach to selecting and prioritising published material? What do you look for in research papers? How could you make your reading more strategic? You’ll also practice reading more deeply and critically, and learn techniques that will improve your recollection.
  • RD-QMA-014 - Creative Thinking for Researchers
    In this practical and interactive workshop you’ll apply several short creative thinking exercises to your own research project in order generate new connections. We’ll also discuss working habits that enhance the creative process.

  • RD-QMA-004- Assertive Communication Skills for Researchers
    In this workshop you will assess your responses to situations and people, focusing on a better balance and respect for your own needs, priorities and feelings, alongside those of others. The emphasis is on practical application, so you have the opportunity to experiment with different approaches. 
  • RD-QMA-003 - Negotiation Skills for Researchers
    This interactive programme will help you lay the foundations to prepare for, initiate, and engage with negotiation conversations in the research environment.  
  • RD-QMA-019 - Building confidence as a researcher through embodied practices
    This practical workshop gives an introduction on embodiment and how to use body postures to approach common researcher’s problems. We will focus on ways to overcome procrastination, tap into your creativity to find better ways to network, explore imposter syndrome and practise body postures to overcome stage fright.