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Networking & Presenting

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  • PHD-QMA-101 - Making the Most of Your First Academic Conference
    Suitable for postgraduate research students who are likely to attend their first academic conference in the near future, and would like some tips on what to expect and how to plan and get the most out of it.
  • RS-QMA-005 - Networking and Promoting Yourself 
    This workshop will cover a range of skills that will help you raise your profile, and build the networks that can help you succeed, whether your career aims are in academia or beyond it. During this workshop you will get the opportunity to network with researchers from other London HEIs. This workshop is intended for postdocs. Senior PhD students can apply to attend.
  • RD-QMA-019 - Stagecraft and Voice for Research Presentations
    We prepare your research presentations, whether real or practice, with intense voice coaching, storytelling strategies, character work and stage presence.
  • PHD-QMA-201-A - Presenting your Research to an Audience (workshop) & PHD-QMA-201-B - Presenting your Research to an Audience (practicum)
    This workshop will help you improve your public speaking and presentation skills in preparation for delivering a conference paper or departmental talk. In the complementary practical session, you will deliver a 7-minute presentation to explain your research to a non-specialist but academic audience. These sessions can be booked separately.
  • RD-QMA-102 - Making a Poster Presentation
    This workshop will give you an insight into how to produce effective and engaging research posters. We will discuss the reasons for producing and presenting posters, the process of poster production – from initial hypothesis to telling the best story – and consider issues around poster planning, preparation, design and exhibition.
  • RD-QMA-020 - Story-telling skills for engaging an audience with your research 
    This half-day workshop will identify and explore the key elements of story-telling and develop your ability to apply them within an academic context.
  • PHD-QMA-3MT1 - Condensing your research into 3 minutes: 3MT Information Session
    This session will introduce you to the 3 Minute Thesis competition and will help you think how you can condense your work into 3 minutes, without dumping it down, and make it accessible to a non-specialist audience.
  • PHD-QMA-3MT2 - Condensing your research into 3 minutes: Practicum
    This is an opportunity for you to practise your 3 Minute Thesis pitch in a safe environment and receive feedback front of the Researcher Development team and other PhD students.
  • PHD-QMA-3MT3 - 3MT finalist training
    This is compulsory training for the Queen Mary 3 Minute Thesis finalists and it focuses on your stage presence and how to make your pitch more engaging.
  • UNIque - a development programme for women Early-career researchers 
    This is a six week programme made up of an online community, interactive webinars and over 6 hours of video content, exercises and four online modules. Places are allocated through an application process. Click on the title for more details and to apply.
  • RD-QMA-029 - How to promote your research to the media*
    This session will explore how the media chooses what to cover, how journalists gather stories and how the QMUL Public Relations team work effectively with different news organisations to get our stories across to wider audiences. 

*This workshop is delivered by the PR Team.