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Queen Mary Academy

Leadership in Action

A practical leadership programme for postdoctoral researchers

Leadership in Action provides you with an opportunity to practise leadership skills in a safe environment. Crafted around the Resilient Leaders Development Programme,  it is action packed with a minimal amount of theoretical input.  During the course you will undertake different activities in teams with each participant having the opportunity to lead.  The course culminates in an activity that invites you to take your leadership beyond the three days and drive forward an initiative.

You will be supported in your learning by experienced coaches who will offer insights into how you operate in a leadership role.  You will work with researchers drawn from across different disciplines and from different universities.  You will also have the opportunity to work closely with a colleague to gain more personal insights and practice your coaching capability, which is an additional leadership skill.

This course gives you the opportunity to practise your leadership skills.  It will also help you:

  • Understand the impact of leadership styles on those being led
  • Influence people towards a common goal/purpose
  • Receive feedback on personal leadership styles and identify how these can be developed further
  • Engage with researchers from a variety of disciplines backgrounds and career stages

This course has been adapted from a highly successful three-day face-to-face course to an on-line Zoom version.  It covers the same number of hours but is offered across three weeks from 9.30 –12.00 for three mornings each week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in October 2021; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in February 2022). 

This version will also enable you to benefit from your peers in other universities and research institutes as participants will be drawn from a number of universities across the country.

The course will run again in January 2022 and applications will open later this Autumn. NB: Limited space available for postdocs only. 9 sessions over 3 weeks - must be able to attend all sessions.