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About us

The Research Impact Team at Queen Mary offers strategic advice on how best to plan, generate, evaluate and evidence impact for grant applications, research projects and the REF.

Our training offer

  • Introduction to Impact
    Come and hear from Queen Mary's Research Impact Team about what impact is according to UKRI and the REF, how to plan and write about impact and Queen Mary's impact support structures.
  • Research Impact advice drop-ins
    The Research Impact team is here to chat about anything research impact at Queen Mary that you need help or support with.
  • Research Impact for PhD students
    Come and join Queen Mary's Impact Team in thinking about and discussing the different types of impact your research can have and practical tips for planning and writing your impact plans.
  • Evaluating and evidencing impact
    Practice evaluating impact activities and discuss ideas for evidence of successful impact activities with Queen Mary’s Impact Team.
  • Impact planning and writing for grant applications
    Discuss practical tips on integrating your impact plans into your grant applications with the Research Impact team
  • Impact leadership
    Come and join the Impact Team in thinking about ideas for leadership in impact and practical ways in which we can measure and mitigate the impact 'health' of your Schools/Institutes.