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Queen Mary Academy

Courses from other QMUL providers

In addition to the Queen Mary Academy, several other groups at QMUL run workshops and training courses, or have resources that you may find useful:

  • The Library website has a few pages of information for researchers, including some about referencing and avoiding plagiarism.
  • The Language Centre runs various courses on English language and study skills.
  • The Advice and Councilling Service runs some workshops on topics such as assertiveness, managing stress and overcoming procrastination.
  • QM Careers has a dedicated specialist to advise postdoctoral and early career researchers.
  • The Doctoral College run events throughout the year that give doctoral students an introduction to the research community at Queen Mary as well as an opportunity to develop new skills and meet and collaborate with other researchers. 
  • Organisational and Professional Development, part of the HR team, runs a series of professional development training courses.
  • The Joint Research Management Office supports the administration and reporting related to research funding for both QMUL and Barts Health.  They also run a series of courses related to clinical research governance.
  • The Research Design Service supports the planning and application process for health and biomedical research for several London HEIs.  This service sometimes runs local workshops and consultation surgeries.
  • The Health and Safety Directorate supports occupational health and safety training, including several courses on laboratory and research safety issues.