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Queen Mary Academy

Support for Researchers During COVID

An artist's rendering of COVID virions (CC License)

Researcher Development have put together a set of courses and resources

for our PhD student and postdoctoral researchers to support them during the COVID-19 pandemic

The development training support and programme for researchers has all moved to an online delivery format using Zoom, MS Teams, or Blackboard Collaborate. Most of the Community of Researchers (CoR) sessions that were created as an initial response to the COVID-19 situation, have now been incorporated into the standard provision organised by Researcher Development, the Careers team, the Library, and the Doctoral College.

One-to-one Support Sessions

One-to-one support is available from Researcher Development (for Postdocs and Early-career Researchers) and from Careers (for PhD students and postdocs) will continue to run online. For more information, visit our one-to-one support page.

Support Sessions and Workshops

For an up-to-date listing of these workshops or support sessions, please visit our CPD Bookings page.

  • RD-QMA-012 - Researcher Peer support focus group. RD and Careers will continue to run these sessions to keep us up to date with the research community's development needs
  • PHD-QMA-010 - Practical Advice for PhD Students (Q&A). These sessions will be run in collaboration with the Doctoral College and the Research Degrees Office. They are intended to allow PhD students to ask for advice related to their degree progression whilst we still operate under distanced conditions due to COVID. Topics discussed during these sessions will inform FAQs on the Doctoral College webpages.
  • RS-QMA-006 - Research Staff Town Hall Meeting with Senior Leadership. These sessions will feature the VP-Research and Innovation and the Faculty Deans for Research, HR, and the Joint Research Management Office. We will aim to organise one of these sessions every quarter and post any information discussed on our Town Halls webpage.
  • RD-QMA-009/ 010 - Let's Write! Online Writing Retreats These sessions will continue to run regularly as half-days (009) or full days (010).


Follow the links below for additional information and resources that you might find helpful.