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The Queen Mary Academy invites applications to become an Academy Fellow. These positions are for staff looking to share their educational practice and expertise throughout the University.

As a Queen Mary Academy Fellow:

  • You will benefit from wider influence across your Faculty and throughout the University.
  • It will enable you to achieve higher levels of recognition, for example HEA Fellowship applications and for evidence towards promotion criteria.
  • You will be part of the wider community, you will  contribute and learn from others in turn.

Queen Mary Academy Fellows are beneficial to the School and the University as they:

  • Build a pipeline of talent for educational leadership.
  • Add to the skills and knowledge base, enhancing education practice both within the school and across the University.
  • Raise the School’s profile for educational excellence.
  • Build purposeful and collaborative relationships with Schools, Institutes, Professional Services, and Senior Management.


The scope of work will be to meet a particular educational need, the current strategic needs are for example:

a)      The sharing of knowledge and expertise in digital learning: including online course design, innovative online assessments, and online feedback.

b)     The sharing of knowledge and expertise online student engagement:  including the student voice, and student partnerships, and building communities.

The scope is not limited to these examples, as the scheme is still in development, and the Academy is open to suggestions and ideas. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us at