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Queen Mary Academy

Workshops programme

To book your place on these workshops please visit the QMUL course bookings site, log in and search for the workshop title or code below:

We also offer bespoke workshops for Schools and Institutes on the topics below and others.  Please contact in the first instance to express an interest in bespoke provision.

Workshop nameBooking system codeDescription
Interactivity in webinars QMACV01 This workshop will support academics to develop interactive synchronous teaching and increase opportunities for active learning online. 
Asynchronous teaching and learning QMACV02  This workshop supports academics to develop interactive asynchronous teaching and increase opportunities for active learning online. 
Teach your first session  QMATYFS04  This workshop will equip those entirely new to teaching with some key principles to inform their practice as they begin. 
Student engagement online QMAEL01  This session aims to increase academics' knowledge of the benefits of student engagement online.  It will focus on enhancing your capacity to plan and evaluate activities.
Effective feedback QMAEL03  This session will support academics to reflect on their use of feedback and develop feedback practices and strategies that better help students to engage with feedback, increase students' feedback literacy, and support students as they progress through their learning to realise their full academic potential.
Enhancing assessment design QMAEL04  This session will support academics to enhance their course assessment design.  Focusing on key elements of the QMUL Assessment Strategy it will encourage attendees to think about assessment at a programme level, assessment-for-learning approaches and ways to include students as partners in the assessment process. 
Introduction to curriculum design QMAEL05  This workshop will introduce attendees to a key framework for curriculum design in Higher Education - constructive alignment.  The session will provide opportunities to apply the principles of constructive alignment to curriculum design and to explore how to write effective intended learning outcomes.
Co-creation/ students as partners QMAEL06  This workshop will support academics to develop student-staff partnerships: working with students as active collaborators in the diverse processes of teaching and learning.
Action research for professional learning  QMAEL08  This workshop will support academics to use action research as a tool to investigate and reflect on their practice. 
Reflective practice to enhance teaching  QMAEL07  This workshop will enable colleagues to critically evaluate the benefits of reflective practice and consider how they can draw on this approach to enhance their own teaching practice.
Co-chairing and co-creating in SSLCs QMAEL09 This course will look at how to promote the development of strong partnerships between co-chairs (staff and students) and opportunities for co-creation in Staff-Student Liaison Committees.