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How to Apply


Probationary Staff

New academics required to undertake the PGCAP programme should visit PGCAP for more information.  All new academic staff who do not have 3 years’ full time teaching experience in UK Higher Education are required to meet the requirements of HEA Fellowship through engagement with the QM Academy’s taught programmes or teaching recognition scheme within their probation period.


If someone has more than three years’ teaching experience as above, they may be exempted from the requirement by the interview panel, or on appointment with the agreement of the faculty VP and Head of School.  If a staff member is appointed with a UK qualification accredited under the UKPSF at D2 (Fellowship) they are usually exempt from the requirement to do PGCAP. If they have a qualification accredited at D1 (Associate Fellowship) they can be exempt from half the programme of PGCAP .

There is currently no framework to judge the level of European and other qualifications against the UKPSF so we will advise on an individual basis.

Non-Teaching Staff

Our taught programmes are teaching focused and so the member of staff must be engaged in teaching in order to complete it: the UKPSF Descriptors 1 and 2 require all staff to be engaged in teaching or supporting learning.

If someone is employed purely on a research contract they will not be able to complete the programme unless they are doing additional teaching work. If they subsequently move to a Lecturer contract then they will need to complete the programme on making that change.

Graduate Teaching Assistants and PhD Students

The Queen Mary Academy is launching a new GTA Programme for Graduate Teaching Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Demonstrators and PhD students who teach, starting with a Teach Your First session workshop.
GTAs may then go on take the CILT programme, subject to supervisory approval and meeting eligibilty requirements.  From September 2020 we will be running a separate GTA stream of CILT where GTAs, TAs, demonstrators and others will study in a group together.

NHS staff

NHS staff teaching QMUL students a minimum of 10 hours during the academic year they take the course are eligible to take CILT.  QMUL also offers a PGCert and MA in Education for Clinical Contexts which may be more directly suited to NHS staff needs.


Please note applications for January 2022 intake is now closed due to high demand. You can apply online for our taught programmes, we are now accepting applications for a September 2022 start. Please read on for guidance on how places are allocated and the information and documents you will need in order to complete your application.

To apply, please select the appropriate application link below and ensure that you read our guidance before completing the form.  Priority will be given to colleagues who need to complete PGCAP for probation or for whom CILT is an element of their contract.  Places will then be allocated firstly to those who have already been on our expression of interest list. Please contact with any queries.


Programme Code


Apply Now Link


CILT (January start) to start in January 2022



PGCAP (January start) to start in January 2022



CILT (September start) to start in September 2022

Apply now


PGCAP (September start) to start in September 2022

Apply now

We use QMUL’s standard postgraduate taught course application so there are some fields which are not relevant to colleagues and NHS staff applying for CILT and PGCAP:

Completing the Application Form

  • Personal details – please complete
  • Contact details – please complete
  • Agent – select ‘no’
  • Qualification – please enter details of your highest qualification only.  QMUL staff do not need to supply qualifications certificates.  
  • Professional experience – ignore this section
  • Personal statement – please upload a brief document confirming:
    • Whether you are QMUL staff, a QMUL PhD student who teaches, or NHS staff
    • If you are QMUL staff please confirm if you are taking the programme for your probation
    • If you wish to join PGCAP with accredited prior learning (APL) (e.g. you have already completed CILT or an equivalent award), please also note this in the personal statement box.
  • Other information – for funding please select ‘I will be funded by my employer’ (CILT and PGCAP are offered free of charge).
  • Please note QMUL staff do not need to supply certificates as evidence of their qualifications, and do not need to provide evidence of langage proficiency.
  • NHS staff and QMUL colleagues not taking PGCAP for probation will be asked to supply a statement from a referee (normally your line manager / supervisor) confirming their support for you taking the programme and that you meet the eligiblity requirements (teaching QMUL students at least 10 hours and responsibility for curriculum design for PGCAP only).