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Examples of Good Practice

Show and Share cafes

During July and August 2020 staff from across Queen Mary came together to share some of their stories of how they converted their face to face teaching into online activities. You'll find resources and recordings using this link QMPlus Show and Share Cafe - 2020.


Humanities and Social Sciences

Using Templates to Get Started with Blended Learning: An Example from SBM’s PGT Planning


Professor Stefan Krummaker - Associate Dean (Education) and Professor of Leadership Practice

School of Business and Management (May 2020)


Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Principles and practice for module organisers and teachers  

SH [PDF 326KB]

Dr James Ellison - Academic Development Mentor 

Dr Martyn Frampton - Co-Director of Education 

Dr Chris Sparks - E-Strategy and Taught Programmes Operations Manager 

School of History


Basic principles for attending online classes and meetings 


Dr Catherine Silverstone - Head of School

School of English and Drama (May 2020)


Science and Engineering

Integrated assessment and delivery across several modules: Introduction to Engineering Materials/Personal Development Planning 1/English Language 2 [PDF 54KB]

Andrew Spowage, Faith Nightingale, Luqman Ahmed, Agne Kocnevaite, Alan Allman.

Queen Mary Engineering School (NPU JEI)


Formative feedback and assessment for learning in a biomedical module [PDF 50KB]

Steven Buckingham – School of Biological and Chemical Sciences


Remote Video assessment of project modules SNU301 and SNU309; Video assignment in Biomedical Pharmacology SNU203 [PDF 66KB]

QMUL-Nanchang Joint Programme (NCU JP)


Medicine and Dentistry

Anatomy - online tutorials 

Paula Vickerton (Acting Director of Anatomy, Senior Lecturer in Anatomy - Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry)


Using H5P and QMplus completion tracking tools in Medicine MBBS 

Dason Evans (Senior lecturer in Medical Education and Head of Clinical Skills - Institute of Health Sciences Education)