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Advice from QMUL staff

Colleagues from across QMUL have been sharing their experiences with moving teaching and assessment online through our series of 'Show and Share Cafes'. You can view recordings of the presentations on the Show and Share Cafe QMplus page

Advice from QMUL staff who have attended our workshops on moving teaching online:

start simple, expect to get better, relax because the students don't mind things going wrong half as much as you think

Keep calm, and try it out - confidence comes with experience!

Blackboard is good but needs improving, no slide animation possible, need to share screen (so make sure not to show what you don't want), quizz and poll no that easy touse as questions have to be typed live (or cut an paste live)

To accept that online teaching is not as interactive as we want it to be and will never be as interactive compared to face-to-face usual 'normal' in-person way of teaching but there are elements where this interactivity can be included/implemented.

Keep it simple and let students have quiet time

Practice and get familiar. Like driving a car the software has a lot of controls. Until you can drive you can't drive and talk at the same time. I don't think you can teach if you are focused on using the software. You have to learn that silence is ok. There's no need to keep on explaining each step of what you are doing on terms of setting things. It clutters the teaching.

Don't let the tech drive the learning design