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Queen Mary Academy

ADP7118 / ADP7218

Curriculum Design

Module Title: Curriculum Design (ADP7118 – face to face) (ADP7218 – distance learning)

Convener and tutors: Dr Steph Fuller

Programme: This is the third compulsory module for PGCAP

Delivery mode: The module is available in face to face and distance learning formats, although we expect delivery to be online only from September 2020.  It is taught in mixed disciplinary groups and takes a flipped learning approach. 

Credits: 15 (Level 7)

Module Description (for website): max 250 words

Teaching sessions focus on aspects of curriculum design and incrementally developing participants’ assessment for the module; an authentic curriculum design project.  Formative peer and tutor opportunities are built in throughout the module.  Topics include:

  • Designing a curriculum
  • Designing assessment and feedback
  • Designing modules and programmes
  • Designing online courses
  • Inclusive curriculum design
  • Teaching for enhanced employability


Learning outcomes:

By the end of this module participants should be able to

Academic content: 

  • Demonstrate understanding of the principles and methods of evaluating the outcomes of their teaching and / or supporting learning (K5)
  • Demonstrate understanding of the mechanisms and implications of quality assurance and enhancement for academic practice (K6)

Disciplinary skills – able to: 

  • Design, teach and provide support and guidance effectively on sessions, modules or programmes of study - as appropriate for their role - through selective use of methods, approaches and methodologies for active learning than align with measurable learning outcomes (A1, A2, K5)
  • Design and deliver effective teaching and learning in face to face and online environments that align with learning outcomes, learner level and the subject (A4, K5)


  • [Cultivate a] student centred and internationally minded outlook on facilitating learning, evidenced through, e.g. designing learning environments and resources that consider the diversity of their students, meet established guidelines for accessibility and inclusivity, and follow best practices on minimising unconscious bias and deterring plagiarism (V1)
  • [Demonstrate a] creative drive for facilitating learning across continua of academic ability, prior knowledge and background, evidenced through e.g. scaffolding of learning resources, activities, assessment, support and guidance to maximise learners' equality of opportunity (V2)



Formative assessment includes:

Feedback on forum posts, informal feedback in class.  A short oral presentation on the proposed module design/redesign which receives peer and tutor feedback.


Summative assessment:

Assignment 1 - Authentic Module Design with Annotations  - 100% weighting


An exercise in module design or redesign that can be submitted as either:

  1. A module design for a new module, submitted in the form of QMUL module proposal form with annotations to justify choices
  2. A redesign of an element of a current online course (e.g. QMPlus area) with annotations to justify choices