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Mixed Mode Education (MME) - the facts

What is it?
In the coming months, many teaching rooms will have an upgrade.  This upgrade is to allow you to deliver your modules on campus and simultaneously to students present online.

We are calling this setup “Mixed Mode Education (MME)”.

What new equipment will be in the rooms?
What the room has depends on the room size and other factors.  

To find out more about what teaching rooms have, follow this link to a full description of the levels of equipment.  In addition, there are demos on the Blender site showing what sort of equipment the rooms have – go to The Blender on QMplus and select the “Mixed Mode basics” tab, then select the “room specifications and tech guidance” section.

Is this the same as Hyflex?
Hyflex is also an educational, hardware technology and infrastructure term that is used elsewhere to describe a particular educational design.  While the University expects all on-site teaching to be delivered using MME, we are not imposing a specific teaching design.  We are simply adding technology to rooms to allow simultaneous online/onsite education.  
Will I have to redesign my teaching?
In most cases, no.  To begin with, you should be able just to deliver the webinar you delivered in 2020/2021 - only this time you will do it in a classroom while still connected, as before, to Teams/Zoom/Collaborate.  As you gain familiarity with the additional technology you then can begin to explore ways to involve online and onsite students together.   
Do I have to use Zoom?  or Teams? Or BB Collaborate? Or . . .
No – the MME equipment is set up so that you can use any of these online platforms.
Will I get any training?

  • Over the summer there will be a series of online training sessions to help you understand the new structures and facilities available in lecture rooms for MME delivery.  This will enable you to ensure your content can be delivered as-is or help you consider any minor adjustments that might be necessary to improve delivery.
  • Training will consist of a set of MME sessions.
  • These training sessions will include instruction on handling the MME technology

When will the training take place?

  • For Semester C: Dedicated training has been taking place since May 17th.  If you are involved in MME teaching in Semester C you can arrange training now.
  • For Semester A (2021) teaching training will take place from 30th June to September 24th 2021 
  • You can book your place on the training via the CPD booking system and search for the course code QMAMM

Can I try it out before teaching starts?
Yes – we would actively encourage you to do so.  There are several teaching rooms available to try out as a pilot over the summer.  You can book through:

I have an educational event whose design I can’t see working in MME.  What can I do?
First, attend the training that will take place over the summer.  If you still then feel that you are going to have difficulties, contact your faculty representative on the Scaling Up Blended Workstream:

  • S&E: Mark Maconochie, Diego Perez Liebana, Vindya Wijeratne, Paula Fonseca
  • HSS: Rachel Male, Maria Adamson, Lucie Langley
  • SMD: Bruce Kidd, Malgo Miranowicz, Paula Vickerton
  • GENERAL: Steven D Buckingham