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Queen Mary Academy

Strategic projects

The Queen Mary Academy is currently leading and collaborating on a range of strategic projects to deliver the 2030 strategy for education and research excellence.

A number of projects have been established in support of the Education & Student Success Enabling Plan.

Professor Janet De Wilde, Director of the Academy, is leading on two: the Curriculum Enhancement and Scaling up Blended. Further details of the Curriculum Enhancement project are below.

Project: Curriculum Enhancement

The Queen Mary 2030 Strategy identified three key aspirations which this project will deliver on, through three workstreams.

Workstream 1: Inclusive Curriculum

Workstream Chair: Dr Angela Gallagher-Brett

A progressive and inclusive curriculum that:

  • Empowers students to engage in peer-to-peer learning, assessment and teamwork
  • Offers inter-disciplinary opportunities
  • Reflects Queen Mary’s international standing

Workstream 2: Assessment & Feedback

Workstream Chair:  Alison Pettigrew

Student assessment and feedback is:

  • Focused, streamlined, & aligned with progressing learning
  • Supportive of students to realise their academic potential
  • Continually seeking feedback from, and working with, students to ensure that the curriculum, pedagogic approaches, assessment & feedback, and academic advising processes support the learner journey

Workstream 3: Graduate Attributes

Workstream Chair:  Dr Stephanie Fuller

Queen Mary Graduate Attributes are:

  • Embedded in all our programmes so that students can develop the knowledge, skills, adaptability and resilience to succeed in an ever-changing global job market and become active global citizens.