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Queen Mary Academy

Elise Omfalos


Innovation and Learning Manager

Room Number: Department W


Elise Omfalos is working as a Learning Innovation Manager within the Queen Mary Academy which provides strategic, developmental, practical, project and consultancy support for the development and enhancement of learning and teaching across QMUL.

 She is a keen innovator and is currently looking into how Technology Enhanced Learning can be leveraged to optimise the learning experience. 

With over 20 years of experience in adult teaching and course design, she is passionate about inclusive digital education. 





After completing her Masters in France, Elise Omfalos started her career as a French teacher in the European Institutions in Brussels. She realised that developing and delivering bespoke content came as second nature to her. Elise moved to Mexico in 2006 to teach and develop educational activities and approaches in renowned universities and institutions.  

Her enthusiasm, passion for teaching, and professionalism allowed her to launch a variety of learning programmes, and she was awarded a Distinction for her Teaching Excellence.

She has spent eight years at the Royal College of Surgeons of England as an Educator, and has pioneered the development of Blended Learning courses and delivered the College’s first 100% online Post Graduate Certificate in Surgery. 

She has developed and delivered International Faculty Training programmes in Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.


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