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Student profiles

Why qLegal?

A shot of Eunice Benjamin. She stands outdoors. She has mid-length black hair, wears glasses and has dark skin. She wears a purple dress with white geometric patterns printed on it. She is smiling.It was the most interactive and stimulating module I have undertaken at QMUL. I would advise any student to seize the opportunity and take this module if you can; you will enhance your research skills, interact with and advise real clients, form valuable connections and develop lasting friendships."  
Eunice Benjamin, Entrepreneurship Law Clinic Module Student 2018-2019


“qLegal was an integral part of my university experience and legal education. While my LLB andKaveesha Thayalan stands outdoors with autumnal trees behind her. She is dressed smartly in all black. She has long dark hair drawn away from her face. She is smiling. LLM offered a thorough understanding of law from an academic perspective, they did not sufficiently connect theoretical principles with real-life applications. qLegal was the perfect opportunity for me to witness the practical applications of law and learn about the diverse needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs, including the industries in which they operate...”
Kaveesha Thayalan, Student Adviser 2017-2018, Legal Analyst at the Law Boutique


A portrait photo of Meghna Chandra. She wears a white blouse and has very long straight dark hair.

 “…I wanted to see how legal advisories work in the UK as I am qualified to practice law in India and getting a flavour of working with London law firms and real clients motivated me to apply to qLegal - my objective was to experience and learn and I got that.”
Meghna Chandra, Student Adviser 2016-2017, Deputy Manager Regulatory, ACME Cleantech Solution, Gurugram, India


A close-up head and shoulders shot of Syed. He is wearing a suit with a blue striped tie. He has short, neat dark hair and brown eyes. He is clean shaven. He is smiling slightly.“…There is certainly a “feel good” factor in being able to help others grow their business, as well as working in teams and networking with legal experts, including students specialised in various areas of the law…”
Syed Dipon, Student Adviser 2014-2015, Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young,


"I chose to apply for a role within qLegal because of the exciting and challenging opportunity to work with diverse clients within the technology Badar wears a grey suit and colourful red blue and white striped tie. He has short dark hair and a short beard.sector… My involvement with qLegal has both confirmed my chosen career route as a commercial solicitor, and has significantly boosted my confidence through my experience.”
Badar Saud Abdul Aziz Al Raisi, Student Adviser 2013-2014, Associate at Dentons, UK


Developing transferable skills

Arif Faiz stands smiling with his arms crossed against a neutral background. He has short dark hair and is clean shaven. He wears glasses and a suit with a green tie.“…Working as a student adviser at qLegal helped me develop my professional skills in a vibrant and innovative environment, as we learned from experienced practitioners and advised multiple creative entrepreneurs… qLegal has undoubtedly provided me with a solid foundation for my future career in legal services.”
Arif Faiz, Student Adviser 2018-2019, Dispute Resolution Associate at Skrine, UK


 A smiling Yvonne Khoo is pictured with a river and a bridge in the background. She has long black hair and pale skin. She is wearing a mustard yellow t-shirt and a navy sweatshirt.“…For someone with no formal work experience, gaining client management and interviewing skills was valuable. Becoming involved in preparing resources for start-ups also allowed me to get a handle on trendy topics, such as building a digital finance future. More crucially, working with other qLegal student advisers has allowed me to learn from their experiences...” 

Yvonne Khoo, Student Adviser 2018-2019, Trainee Solicitor at Reed Smith LLP, UK


A close-up head and shoulders picture of Ashley Sue Wei Cheah. She is looking dorectly at the camera and smiling. She is wearing glasses and has medium brown shoulder-length hair.“…I have had the opportunity to experience the practical aspects of the law first-hand while working in a fast-paced tech start-up… Experiencing the engaging legal work springing from new technology has motivated me to try my hand at technology-facing graduate schemes. Due to the skills and experiences I acquired during my externship, I was offered a role at one of the Big 4 in their technology consulting department.”
– Ashley Sue Wei Cheah, LawTech Externship Student 2018-2019, DevOps Engineer, KPMG UK


A close-up head and shoulders shot of Aiya Al-Jabiri. She has long medium brown hair that curls slightly, dark brown eyes and olive skin. She is wearing a mustard yellow top. She is smiling for the camera.“…For those pursuing alternative careers, the skills you gain on qLegal are transferrable to many fields of work (the research, client/customer service, team work, and the enhanced written and oral communication to name just a few!). If you are looking to strengthen these key skills that many employers are looking for, qLegal is a great place to do exactly that...”
Aiya Al-Jabiri, Student Adviser 2017-2018,  Trainee Solicitor at Norton Rose Fullbright, UK


Cassio sits looking towards the camera - he has short brown hair and is clean shaven. He wears a grey suit jacket and a light grey collared shirt without a tie.“The training we received from qLegal was impressive. I definitely learnt how to be more precise and objective when drafting legal opinions in English…”
Cassio Mosse, Student Adviser 2014-2015, Founder and Partner at Mosse IP, Fashion & Social Media Law, Brazil


A close-up of Damola looking directly into the camera. He wears a white collared shirt with a red jumper. He has dark skin, short dark hair and a close-shaven, neat beard.“…Volunteering with qLegal has undoubtedly sharpened my research, analytical and advisory skills, not to mention the cases were a great source of revision for my course material. I also made some very useful contacts in the legal and technology sector. qLegal is a must-do for any student looking to develop their skills and put into practice the theoretical learning from the LLM course.”
Damola Layonu, Student Adviser 2013-2014, Film Professional & Consultant


A portrait shot of Disha Vaghela. She has long straight dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is smiling at the camera.“…I have found that apart from strengthening my legal knowledge, the experience has taught me to test my perceptions and has helped me become a confident public speaker. It also gave me an understanding into the profession of teaching, something I might consider in the future! qLegal has most definitely given me a unique and invaluable experience that has empowered me with some important practical skills and I am confident that this will go a long way along with my LLM degree.”                                                                          
– Disha Vaghela, Teach Tech Law Student 2018-20, Associate at Khaitan Legal Associates, Mumbai, India


“…Engaging with fellow students and seasoned practitioners helped me to understand what was required to meet the client's desired outcomes. The experience gave me a more rounded perspective of the legal challenges and commercial realities facing real businesses.”
Damian Moran, Student Adviser 2013-2014

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