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Public Engagement

Public Engagement Awards 2018

The following have been shortlisted for a Public Engagement Award. The awards are given out in four categories:


Countdown to annihilation: genocide in Myanmar - Thomas MacManus, School of Law 

Since the publication of the report, Countdown to annihilation: genocide in Myanmar - the only in-depth academic study of the persecution of the rohingya - and corresponding public engagement activities, the word ‘genocide’ is now used by many to define the situation.



In Control - Gioia Mosler, Blizard Institute 

Produced in collaboration with GLYPT (Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre), ‘In Control’ is an interactive theatre aiming to improve peer awareness towards asthma in schools.


Syria: story of a conflict - Christopher Phillips, School of Politics 

Christopher Phillips co-curated a 'Syria: story of a conflict', one of two exhibitions as part of IWM's 'Syria: a conflict explored' season. the exhibition at IWM London reached 138,000 visitors, and moves to IWM North in Manchester in February 2018.



Kıyma Canına - Ozlem Eylem, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine  

Stigmas around suicide in turkish-speaking communities prevent many from accessing psychological services. kıyma canına “don’t crush your life energy” is an online self-help programme for managing suicidal thoughts among the Turkish-speaking communities in the UK and the Netherlands.



SSFX Short Film Festival - Martin Archer, School of Physics and Astronomy 


SSFX challenged independent filmmakers to incorporate sounds from space, studied by Queen Mary physicists, into creative short films. A special film festival attended by a majority non-science audience screened selected films, heard from the filmmakers and discussed the research. The films are now being shown across the UK.






Rodent Activity Transmission Systems - Chris Faulkes, School of Biological and Chemical Sciences and Julie Freeman, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science 

Rodent activity transmission systems ( is experimental art project using real-time data transmission bringing the lives of a colony of naked mole rats and accompanying science to the public. The activity includes audio-visual artwork, a data visualisation, and an installation of real-time data-driven kinetic sculptures.



Animating east London's immigrant history - Nadia Valman, School of English and Drama

Free, innovative activities designed to engage new audiences with east London’s long history of immigrant culture -- including a smartphone app, a series of walking tours, schools workshops and a historical re-enactment, involving creative collaborations with two museums and three local secondary schools.


The Inspiration Machine - Anna Kemp, Centre for Childhood Cultures, School of Languages, Linguistics and Film and Sylvia Bishop

Where does inspiration come from? 'The Inspiration Machine' was a one-day creative-writing workshop held at the V&A Museum of Childhood. The workshop introduced participants to the history and theory of constrained writing, including the zany experimental writing collective the oulipo.





CHIAROSCURO – from War Crime Trials to Clinical Trials - David Collier, William Harvey Research Institute 

To commemorate the emergence of the nuremberg code, David Collier brought together doctors and patients of the William Harvey clinical research centre along with actors, film makers, legal experts to examine its significance for present-day clinical trials.

The Hawking Award for Developed Understanding of Public Engagement


Named for Lucy Hawking, novelist and daughter of Stephen Hawking this award reflects Lucy’s qualities of reflexive, cooperative working, and her understanding of how to bring together research and engagement. 

The award is given to a project to acknowledge their  critical thinking in the field of public engagement.

Winner: Nadia Valman, School of English and Drama 

The Garriott Award for Leadership in Public Engagement


Named for Richard Garriott, entrepreneur and astronaut this award reflects Richard’s qualities of innovation and leadership, being at the forefront of his field. 

The award is given to an individual to reflect the extensive work they have done in pushing forward the public engagement agenda, and developing others around them.

Winner: Paul Curzon, Computer Science for Fun