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There are a wide range of opportunities available nationally to get involved in public engagement, with advice and support available in a number of ways. 

These pages contain a range of nationwide opportunities and resources to help get involved in public engagement, including:

Further advice, training and support for Queen Mary staff and students is available in the Centre for Public Engagement (CPE) pages, including information on the CPE funding rounds, and dates for their open advice sessions. Members of staff wishing for assistance in the public engagement aspects of Pathways to Impact statements are encouraged to contact the Centre directly.

Queen Mary works closely with the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement, who have a range of support and information on their website.

What is Public Engagement?

At Queen Mary we take public engagement to describe activity that involves the public with the university and its research and teaching. This covers the widest range of activities throughout the research process, from creating to disseminating knowledge.

Who are the Public?

Everyone who isn’t formally connected with higher education institutions can be considered a part of our public. This covers a wide range of individuals and groups, often referred to as ‘publics’ in recognition that engagement activities are not aimed at just one group of people.

('Be Involved' button picture, home page, was created by Camilla Narea Illustration for the QMUL public engagement project ' Living British Cinema')

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