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Ten in a Bed

A project that engages directly with the community in workshops to co-produce a performance while enhancing literacy and family learning opportunities for local families.

  • School/Institute/Department: School of English and Drama, Drama Department, Phakama
  • Subjects: Drama
  • Audience:
  • Status: Past

Ten in a Bed is a collaboration between Phakama, the Drama Department at QMUL, East End Homes, Discover Children's Story Centre (Stratford) and families local to QMUL. 

It is an innovative model of two way public engagement. It informs audiences (arts, education, local authority) of research into the personal and social benefits of arts practices, and it engages directly with 'hard-to-reach' local families to enhance literacy and family learning opportunities. Students and staff from the Drama Department will work in collaboration with local artists to create a series of workshops and a scratch performance for a public audience. The under 5s and their families will be involved in contributing ideas and material which will inform the performance outcome. 

The project will embed QMUL students in the research process and engage local families and institutions in workshops which demonstrate the benefits of socially engaged arts practice. 

Funded by a Centre for Public Engagement Small Award. 

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