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Inside Teenage Bedrooms

Through building relationships with teenagers this project explores the meaning and significance of the teenage bedroom and its material culture using photography, interviews and blog posts.

  • School/Institute/Department: School of Geography, Centre for Studies of Home
  • Subjects: Material Culture, Museum Collaboration
  • Audience:
  • Status: Past

Inside Teenage Bedrooms explores the meaning and significance of the teenage bedroom and its material culture in the context of the wider home through photography, interviews and blog posts.

Conducted alongside the Geffrye Museum of the Home, photographs will form the basis of a public exhibition and online archive at the museum, as well as forming a central part of the research project, being used extensively in the thesis which will be made publicly available online once completed.

Teenagers were recruited to the project through schools, with the support of the Geffrye Museum’s outreach department, to explore a range of themes negotiations around the construction of the room, considering how far teenagers have autonomy over this space and how far it is a joint venture.

The photographs have enhanced the research by acting as contextual grounding for questions during interviews, using them to explore specific aspects of the participant’s rooms, as well as being able to use the photographs as prompts. Involving the teenagers in the photography sessions also stimulated more detailed answers based on a greater level of involvement with the process.

The photographs and testimony collected will form the core of an exhibition on teenage bedrooms at the Geffrye Museum, based on the findings of the research, scheduled from September 2016 until February 2017.

The photography is also expected to facilitate other forms of dissemination and public engagement, for example, allowing the researcher and the photographer to jointly pitch articles about the research to non-academic publications and to seek other opportunities to exhibit the work.

Photography by Kyna Gourley

This project received small award funding from the Centre for Public Engagement.

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