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Name: Magda Osman
Job Title: Senior Lecturer in Experimental Cognitive Psychology
Department: School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Type of Engagement: Influencing Behaviour, Outreach, Knowledge Dissemination
Publics: School Children, General Public, Business, Policy Makers

Over the last two years Magda has shared and involved others in her research by organising public debates and events, through print, audio and visual media and in presentations and talks to organisations.


Two ‘question time’ style debates invited audiences to submit questions to be answered by the panel, as well as being given a chance to vote on the headline question before and after the event.

These events used collaboration with charities to increase the relevance to audiences and used prizes supplied by MacMillan publishers to encourage participation from school children.


Magda has used a range of blogs, interviews, podcasts, letters in newspapers and responses to high profile academic discussions in public forums to reach organisations.

She has given talks and presentations to a range of groups including Bankers (Bank of England, Santander), Insurance Brokers (Torus), government think tanks (Behavioural Insights Unit), and Psychiatrists (Royal College of Psychiatrists).


Magda’s work has attracted the interest of media outlets, featuring in a wide range of outputs including:

  • a programme built around her work on Coincidences (BBC world service)
  • sound bites and interviews/commentaries on two BBC 1 documentaries
  • work featured in The Guardian newspaper

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