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Name: Jane Mackelworth
Job Title: PhD Student
Department: School of History
Name: Rob Trimble
Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
Organisation: Bromley by Bow Centre

Type of Engagement: Community Engagement
Publics: Local Community

Jane and Rob have cultivated a long running relationship between QMUL and the Bromley By Bow Centre (BBBC) that has allowed a range of public engagement initiatives to take place to mutual benefit.

Two projects in particular are:

Love in Objects

Over three months, thirteen elders, aged up to 85, came together at the BBBC each week to share stories about the precious objects in their lives. Each member brought along one or more objects from their home which spoke to them of love and then worked with a professional artist to craft a themed box to house their object.

Once all the boxes had been made, interviews recorded, and objects and ephemera put into the boxes, they were displayed at the BBBC for three months.

Reading Emotions Book Group 

A group that brings together researchers from the School of History and members of the community to read and discuss literature neglected works of fiction. The group’s first theme in 2015 was love and relationships in British women’s writing 1750-1950, as part of the ‘Read Women 2015’ campaign.

The group aims to introduce local people to works of fiction that they may otherwise not know of and to give an opportunity to discuss these with QMUL academics present to help frame discussions and encourage the group to reflect on how love and relationships are portrayed in the text.

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