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Name: Ferranti Wong
Job Title: Professor/Honorary Consultant of Paediatric Dentistry, Head of Paediatric Dentistry
Department: Institute of Dentistry

Type of Engagement: Child-led research, Multi-Disciplinary Engagement
Publics: School Children, Dentists

In collaboration with Ali Campbell, Reader in Applied Performance at the School of Drama , Ferranti worked with colleagues in Drama to establish a performance based system to answer the research question of “Why don’t children go to the dentist?”.

Ten school children between 9-10 years old worked with postgraduate dental and drama students using forum theatre techniques that encourage the use of actions rather than words to relay their experience and feelings on dental visits.

As a result of a child-led pilot study, the children modified the original question to “Why don’t children visit their dentist more often?” and developed their own questionnaires which they collected 100 responses to.

From the information gathered, they acted out scenes to demonstrate how dentists could make children’s dental visits more comfortable. Their work was captured and a video was produced and presented to a multi-disciplinary audience involving school teachers, clinicians and researchers for discussion and debate.

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