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Name: Christophe Eizaguirre
Job Title: Senior Lecturer in Organismal Biology
Department: School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Type of Engagement: Science-led conservation Programmes, Involvement in Methodology, Dissemination of Research, International Engagement
Publics: Local Communities, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Students, School Children

Christophe’s science-based conservation program focusses on the third largest nesting aggregation of loggerhead sea turtles in the world, nesting in the Cape Verde archipelago, off-shore of the Senegalese coasts.

His research seeks to identify the movements of the turtles and evaluate the genetic diversity present in the population. This is matched with work alongside national and international NGO’s and universities to create a programme led by science to engaging and educate the local population.

This involvement seeks to reduce the number of turtles killed by locals by altering local perceptions of turtle populations as expendable, influencing behaviours through education and active involvement in data sampling and research. This has vastly reduced the number of turtles killed while also contributing to the research through increased participation in sampling.

The team are now looking to influence further groups by creating booklets for school children, matched with workshops, to teach about the importance of turtles to local ecosystems and of wider conservation efforts.

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