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Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) hosts a wide range of activities that involve the public with research, from framing questions, to collecting results, to dissemination. This page seeks to demonstrate a wide range of the work that goes on through the people involved, as a strength of public engagement at QMUL is through our people, not just the projects. 

Over the course of 2015 the Centre for Public Engagement teamed up with local media charity Mile End Community Project to capture videos of some of the people behind engagement projects, to find out what they do and the motivations and benefits behind their engagement.

Click on an image on our video wall to go though to the fact page where you can view their video and access more information.

Community Involvement

Assan is a co-Director at Mile End Community Project, a local charity that provides sports, creative and media opportunities for young people to express themselves and learn new skills.

Outreach and Education

Fran established and has overseen the rapid progress of the Centre of the Cell science education centre, running a range of programmes and opportunities for people to learn about science.

Student Volunteering and Community Engagement

Students have a special role to play in the community around QMUL, using their teaching and learning to add value to the area through social enterprises, volunteering and engagement projects.

Science-led Conservation and Education

Christophe's work in Cape Verde involves communities and NGO's in research and education projects to change local attitudes towards the killing of loggerhead sea turtles. This involvement has enhanced research and increased local understanding.

Influencing Real World Outcomes through Engagement

Penny directs an academic collective which work with organisations outside of higher education, such as NGOs and press outlets, to understand, investigate and publicise cases of state crime resulting in human rights violations.

Building Community-University Relationships

Jane and Rob have maintained a relationship between QMUL and the Bromley by Bow Community Centre enabling ongoing engagement activities that create benefit for both groups and the wider community.

Applying Research to Inform Others

Magda communicates and involves others in her research through a varied range of work in engagement, including public debates, blogs for magazines and newspapers, podcasts and TV work.

Child-led Research using Cross-Disciplinary Engagement

To investigate reasons for children's reluctance to visit the dentist Ferranti collaborated with drama to create interactive, child-led research, in which they were empowered to take control of the research themselves.

Patient Involvement and Activity Design

The MS Team look to involve patients throughout all stages of their work, from patient advisory groups advising on research questions to disseminating work through interactive courses, internationally recognised blogs, websites and research days.

Co-creation and Community Engagement

Robbie involves interest and community partners affected by the themes of his research to co-create information that feeds back into his results. He also works with interest groups to co-create and disseminate information.

Community Engagement

Penny is a never tiring figure in Tower Hamlets who seeks to bring elements of the community closer together through joint projects and activities. QMUL are part of this vision and work with her to share information and help in a variety of ways.

View our trailer video featuring a selection from across the 11 interviews giving a broader idea of public engagement in and around QMUL and the motivations of the people behind the projects.

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