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Public Engagement

Our enabling plan

At Queen Mary, our ambition is to embed public and community engagement across all aspects of university life. We want our staff and students to have access to the highest quality support for public engagement, and to be able to utilise that support to integrate engagement into their work. 

We also aim to strengthen our connections with society, from Mile End to Rio de Janeiro. We want to welcome people outside of the university as co-creators, contributors to, and interpreters of, new knowledge and impact through collaborative working. 

To help Queen Mary achieve this, we are working on a new Public Engagement Enabling Plan to guide how we support and grow our public engagement activity.

Developing Queen Mary’s Public Engagement Enabling Plan

The Centre for Public Engagement developed a draft strategic narrative based off their experiences in supporting public and community engagement across Queen Mary. This narrative informed the design of a series of one-to-one interviews and a survey with a number of internal and external stakeholders. 

The themes and insights gathered were used to draft a preliminary version of the enabling plan which will be further built upon and refined in the subsequent phases. 

Queen Mary conducted a number of activities to further reflect on our public engagement practice, and listen to the needs of our communities. We: 

  • Participated in the NCCPE’S Engage Watermark processallowing us to reflect on the needs for engagement support from our Queen Mary community, to develop the internal support aspects of the enabling plan 
  • Undertook a community listening projectallowing us to gather the views of residents, communities and organisations across east London, to develop the civic and community aspects of the enabling plan 
  • Carried out an analysis of Queen Mary’s economic impact in east London: allowing us to better understand the university’s role in the local area, to develop the civic and community aspects of the enabling plan 

The insight and feedback gathered will be used to finalise Queen Mary’s Public Engagement Enabling Plan. The final plan will be shared with the Professional Services Leadership Team and the Senior Executive Team for feedback and final sign off. 

We will then move onto the implementation phase which will have KPIs and review milestones embedded so that we can report on and learn from our progress. 

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