Welcome to the latest newsletter for EU and International offer-holders. Congratulations to those of you who have recently finished exams. We are keeping our fingers crossed for your good results!
This is just a note on the admissions process, focussing on how you should send us your results, and what you should expect from us next.

Please note:  This is a message sent to all EU and International offer-holders. Those students who have already provided their results, or have unconditional offers can skip the first section of this newsletter. 

Providing your results

We have now entered the busy ‘results and confirmation period’ when conditional offer-holders provide our admissions office with their final results so that they can be processed in comparison to the conditions in their offers.
This year we are very lucky to be in a position where significantly more students have firmly accepted our offers (+33% masters students!), but this means that our admissions team are expecting an especially busy few months ahead. They will work as quickly as they can, but it is important to manage your expectations regarding processing times. Consequently, our admissions office would like to provide you with the following notes regarding how to provide your results, and what you should expect afterwards:

1. Upload your results via MySIS

Generally, results need to be uploaded via MySIS for all courses, but there are a few exceptions that allow offer-holders to email their results instead, namely the International Foundation Programme, the International Science and Engineering Foundation Programme, the Pre-Master Graduate Diplomas; and MBBS Medicine and BDS Dentistry. If your offer is for one of those courses, then you should email your documents to your relevant admissions team. Otherwise, please upload scan of them to MySIS. 
Undergraduates, please note that both A-Level and IB results are transmitted to us via UCAS directly, so there is normally no need for you to upload them to MySIS yourself.
Please only upload documents that are relevant to satisfying the conditions of your offer. This will often include a certificate and a transcript of results, plus perhaps an English language qualification.
We would be grateful if you could ensure that scans of your final results documents are supplied in colour please. There may be a delay if they are provided in black and white.
Our admissions office do not require copies of any documents that you have already provided during the application process, so please do not upload any documents that have already been submitted.
2. Please be patient!

Please allow 7 working days for a response after providing your final documents. It would be very helpful if you could try not to contact admissions in order to chase a decision if possible please! It significantly slows down the confirmation process, which we would like to avoid.
We will notify you via email as soon as we have updated your status. UCAS track will also be updated for undergraduate offer-holders, and MySIS will be updated for postgraduates.
3. Near misses!

Please try not to worry if you narrowly missed the academic conditions of your offer. We always aim to offer a sensible degree of flexibility where possible. Once you have uploaded your results to MySIS, you are very welcome to get in touch with the International Team if you would like our assistance.
4. CAS requests (non-EU students only)

Once your place is confirmed, you will be able to request a CAS (for your Tier-4 student visa) via MySIS. The admissions team aim to process CAS requests within 2-3 working days.  If you have any questions regarding your CAS, please allow 7 working days for a response. The team will email you if they have any questions for you. Again, it would be much appreciated if you could remember not to chase the admissions office for updates if possible please!

You are invited to attend an informative webinar on the Tier-4 application process, which you can book here

College accommodation allocations

I have been informed that QMUL accommodation allocations have now started to be made. Offers are made in date order, so please don’t worry if you don’t immediately receive an offer. More accommodation will be allocated over the next month or so. Please stay in touch with the Residential Support team if you have any queries.

What to expect next

We are currently updating our pre-arrival information on our website. The ‘Starting Preparations’ section found here is up to date, and the other sections (i.e. ‘one month to go’ etc.) will soon follow suit to highlight the imminent opportunities to book tickets for social events etc, plus more practical instructions regarding how to enrol, and where to go when you arrive here in September.

Your academic school will get in touch with you in late August with specific information regarding your specific induction programme, module/timetable information, and reading list etc

Airport collection

We will provide a free airport collection service for all new students arriving at Heathrow Airport on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September 2017.

The buses will depart from Terminal 3 (Heathrow Airport), and drive directly to QMUL's Mile End campus approximately every two hours on Saturday, and every three hours on Sunday.

You can book your place HERE.

There is no hurry to book this just yet, so please wait until your place here is confirmed, and you have booked your flight tickets. 
 Find out more
We will soon be in touch with all unconditionally-accepted students with our next newsletter giving instructions on how to pre-enrol.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about any of the information in this, or our previous newsletters.

Best wishes,

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