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QMUL-HESPAL Scholarship

British Council

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is delighted to support the Higher Education Scholarship Palestine (HESPAL) and will be welcoming one scholar per year on to one of our Masters programmes.

Funded jointly by QMUL, the UK Government, the Arab Fund in Kuwait, and private sponsorship, the HESPAL aims to help create the next generation of senior academics who can maintain the highest possible quality standards in Palestinian universities by offering scholarships for junior academic staff to study at top UK Higher Education institutions. The work of HESPAL also fosters sustainable links between Palestinian and UK universities.  

The QMUL-HESPAL Scholarship covers full tuition fees for any one-year Masters course and provides a living allowance and pre-departure briefing. The scholarship is limited to a period of up to 12 months and cannot be extended beyond 12 months.

Meet our Scholar

Tansim Salhi

QMUL’s current QMUL-HESPAL Scholar is Tasnim Salhi, who joined us in September from the An-Najah National University to read for a MA in Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching:

During my undergraduate study, which was in English Language and Literature, I had an aim to complete my postgraduate study in the UK, especially in a major related to the English Language, because it is a major that is of an interest to me. I specifically chose it to be in Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching, due to the need of the enhancement of the English Language teaching in Palestine. My choice of Queen Mary was for many reasons.

The MA programme has many modules that I wanted to improve my knowledge in, while Queen Mary itself is highly ranked among the UK universities, and is situated in the multi-cultural and modern city of London. I am very pleased for the choice that I have made, as the university has many facilities for the students and it is very well organised. One of my favourite things, is the modernity of everything - the computers, lecture halls, tools used and along many other things. Adding to the welcoming environment of the university, is the friendly and motivating environment of London. London is an amazing city, with has endless things to explore and learn about, such as museums, parks, libraries and many more. Thus, the city is very cheering and exciting to study in.

My scholarship is of a great help in paying for my accommodation, living expenses, and exploring the UK so that I can concentrate on my studies.  Moreover, it holds for me a fruitful future, as after graduating from Queen Mary, I will return to my former university to be a lecturer at the English Department. This is exciting because I will be able to carry all the experiences and the knowledge that I have gained back to my country and help to enhance the future of following generations in a better way, especially in the field of the English language. I just would like to conclude with saying that my experience has been great so far: I am increasing my knowledge and my chances of having great opportunities, both academic and non-academic, to come. I recommend every student in Palestine and all overseas, to try their best in pursuing this scholarship, as this will brighten up their future in every possible way.

The Award

This scholarship covers full tuition fees and offers a generous living allowance and other expenses.

Candidates must be under 35 years of age, resident citizens of the Palestinian Territories, and must hold a position at one of the following participating Palestinian universities:

Al-Azhar University,
University of Bethlehem
Birzeit University
Islamic University of Gaza
An-Najah National University, Hebron
University of Hebron
Al Quds Open University
Al Quds University of Jerusalem
American Arab University, Jenin
Palestine Ahliya University
The Palestine Technical University, Kadoorie

It is expected that candidates will have the approval of their institution to participate in the scheme and that they will return to their post at the end of their scholarship.

Applications are welcomed in all subjects, but the following areas are particularly encouraged:

Business, Economics and Finance; Educational Management; Political Sciences and International Relations; Human Rights and Governance; Agriculture; Engineering; Law; Management; Environmental Studies; Water Management; Nursing; TSOL; Human Resources; Economics; Literature; Linguistics; IT; Science programs; Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Infrastructure; Clean Energy and Conservation Strategies; Energy Management; Energy Conservation; Sustainable Energy; ICT; Nanotechnologies and Energy; Educational Technology; Special Educational Needs.

How to Apply

Applicants should complete the HESPAL application form in collaboration with their university, indicating which subject area(s) they wish to study and where in the UK they would like to study.

Candidates must also apply to QMUL online following our normal admissions procedures and should attach a copy of their QMUL application (and any admissions decision received from us) to their HESPAL application.

In order to be considered for the QMUL-HESPAL Scholarship, candidates are advised to rank QMUL within their top three university choices on the HESPAL application form.

Applications should be received by the candidate’s university scholarship coordination office no later than 23 January 2017.

For further details on eligibility requirements, how to apply, and the documentation required please see the HESPAL webpages.

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