Research degrees at the Wolfson Institute

The School of Medicine and Dentistry was placed within the top seven UK institutions in all Units of Assessment – Clinical Medicine; Public Health, Health Services and Primary Care; and Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy- during REF 2014.

The Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine captures scientific opportunities arising from laboratory-based epidemiological and screening research into common diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and congenital malformations through integrating epidemiology and statistics with pathology and clinical medicine. The inclusion of the Centre for Psychiatry in this internationally renowned Institute reflects the importance of the public health implications of psychiatric disease.

The Institute has about 150 staff and 20 PhD students, whose research continues to make a significant impact on public health practice and advance the science of preventive medicine. The research and academics at WHRI are organised into three main areas:

All three of our Centres are involved in statistical research, covering a wide range of methodologies and applications. These will include epidemiology, demography, clinical trials, longitudinal studies, health screening, infection control, birth weight and gestation, systematic reviews, cluster randomisation, meta-analysis, logistic regression, survival analysis, multi-level modeling, and models of disease progression.

Various funded PhD opportunities are advertised throughout the year. Those able to self-fund or bring in overseas funding should contact the Directors of Graduate Studies as outlined here

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