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School of Politics and International Relations

POL391 The International Politics of Africa: Independent Research

(POL389B - Spring)

Level: 6

Credits: 15 credits

Semester: B

Contact: Dr Peter Brett

Overlap: None

Prerequisite: POL372

Compulsory for: None

Associate Availability: Not available


On POL372 we look at the international politics of Africa as a whole since independence. On this module, by contrast, you will have the chance to focus on one particular country that has most interested you. With a lot of help and structure provided by me, you will research films and newspaper coverage produced in the West about certain key episodes in that country's history. Our goal is understand how and why international perceptions of Africa have changed over the last fifty years. Examples of cases you could choose include the changing image of Patrice Lumumba's leadership in DRC/Zaire/Congo, the emergence of the idea of 'indigenous peoples' in Botswana, and shifting understandings of state violence in South Africa before and after apartheid.

Assessment: 1500 word Essay (30%), 2000 word Essay (40%) & Poster Portfolio (30%)