School of Politics and International Relations

POL390 Race and Racism in World Politics: Independent Research

(POL389B - Spring)

Level: 6

Credits: 15 credits

Semester: B

Contact: Dr Musab Younis

Overlap: None

Prerequisite: POL377

Compulsory for: None

Associate Student Availability: Not available


This module builds on the intellectual foundations of POL377 Race and Racism in World Politics. It allows the student to expand upon their interests in race through self-directed but supervised and structured study.  Via a series of cumulative assignments the student will develop practical research skills in studying race and racism. Each student will address the same research question: “how is life in London racialized?” To address this question students will undertake a literature review, a concept review, and fieldwork including “heritage walks” and social media observation.  Finally the student will synthesise all elements of the project into an answer to the research question. They will express this answer on an A1 presentation that combines text and images. 

Assessment: Literature review – 750 words (17%), concept review – 750 words (17%), heritage walk reflection – 750 words (18%), social media reflections – 750 words (18%) & poster portfolio (30%)