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School of Politics and International Relations

POL373 Parliamentary Studies

(POL37A – Autumn)

Level: 6

Credits: 15 credits

Semester: A

Contact: TBC

Overlap: None

Prerequisite: None

Compulsory for: None

Associate availability: Not Available


Every democracy has a legislature which performs a number of key functions, most obviously representation and scrutiny and, in the case of parliamentary systems, the formation, maintenance and possibly the dismissal of governments.  This module focuses on the way that the UK parliament performs those functions, focusing not just on formal processes but also on cultural norms and ideological conflict.  It will (with the help of staff from the House of Commons and a visit to Westminster) look, among other things, at the role of MPs both in the Commons and in their constituency, at the House of Lords, at Select Committees and the scrutiny they carry out, at the organisation and cohesion of parliamentary parties, at legislative-executive relations, and - of course - at how laws are made.

Assessment: 1 x 3,000 word essay (60%) & 1 x Multiple Choice Test (40%)