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School of Politics and International Relations

POL332 Civil Society: Democracy, Activism and Social Change

POL332 Civil Society: Democracy, Activism and Social Change (POL332A - Autumn)

Credits: 15
Semester: A

Module Convenor: TBC
Prerequisite: None

The module explores the nature of civil society and the political role of civil society actors - at local, national, and global levels. Civil society's traditional role as a third-sector between the state and the market will be critically examined by considering both theories of civil society and empirical case studies of democratic activism and social change. The module will cover the contested meaning of ‘civil society’, attending to its historical and cultural variation. Empirical case studies will consider a variety of social movements and, where possible, include meetings with activists and other practitioners. The module will enable students to critically evaluate the changing role of contemporary civil society and develop a practical understanding of how civil society actors pursue social change, along with why they fail and why the succeed. It is recommended students take this module before taking POL301 Civil Society Internship.Short Essay – 1500 words (40%), Long Essay (60%)

Connected course(s): None
Assessment: Short Essay – 1500 words (40%), Long Essay (60%)
Level: 6

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