School of Politics and International Relations

POL312 Populism a Global Perspective

(POL312A - Autumn)

Level: 6

Semester: A

Credit Value: 15

Module Convenor: Dr Stijn van Kessel

Overlap: None

Pre-requisite: None

Compulsory for: None

Associate Availability: Full Year and Autumn only

This module focuses on the concept of populism and instances of populism in the real world. Due to the recent rise of populist parties and candidates, populism has become a much-debated theme. The term is also problematic, as it is often ill defined, applied randomly and used in a pejorative manner. The module will focus on the meaning and implications of populism and the various ways in which it has been expressed throughout time and space.

Assessment: 1 x literature review 1500 words (40%), 1 x comparative analysis 3000 words (60%)