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School of Politics and International Relations

POL311 The Politics of the Anti-Colonial

(POL311A - Autumn)

Level: 6

Semester: A

Credit Value: 15

Module Convenor: Dr Clive Gabay

Overlap: None

Pre-requisite: None

Compulsory for: None

Associate Availability: Full year & Autumn only


Students taking this module will hear from slaves on Haitian plantations in the 1780s, religious and mystical Anarchists in the 1890s, Kenyan anti-colonial activists in the 1920s, Native American protesters at Standing Rock in the 2010s and more besides. How might we re-appraise key IR concepts and practices such as the state, security or humanitarianism by listening to such voices? How might our understanding of 'the international' take on different features if we foreground traditionally overlooked concepts and knowledge systems such as the body, temporality and spirituality/religion?

Assessment: 1 x 1500 case study (40%) and 1 x 2500 word essay (60%)