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School of Politics and International Relations

POL270 Doing Qualitative Research

POL270 Doing Qualitative Research (POL270B - Spring)

Credits: 15
Semester: B

Module Convenor: Dr Sharri Plonski
Overlap: None
Prerequisite: None

Description: This module is designed with two core goals in mind: On one hand, to introduce students to qualitative methods in the design and production of research in politics and international relations. On the other, to develop a critical toolbox for engaging and challenging methods as a form of colonial epistemological practice, bound up with historical and contemporary modes of domination and erasure. Through a range of relevant topics, students will reflect on dominant knowledge systems and structures, practice ‘doing’ qualitative research, and develop the skills to design their own research projects.


Connected course(s): Compulsory for: None, Semi-compulsory for: L2L3, L23L
Assessment: Methods Portfolio – 2000 words (50%) and Research Project - 3000 words (50%)
Level: 5

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