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School of Politics and International Relations

POL261 Power in Global Governance

POL261 Power in Global Governance (POL261B - Spring)

Credits: 15
Semester: B

Module Convenor: Dr Andreas Papamichail
Overlap: None
Prerequisite: None

Description: Much of the fabric of multilateralism and international organisation appears to be threatened by ‘populism’. Powerful political forces are re-asserting the national sovereignty principle. For some theorists this development is inevitable given the lack of a global hegemon willing and able to enforce international co-operation. Others, however, point to the continued globalisation of certain ways of governing state and society. On this module, we will examine this debate using case studies such as Ebola, tobacco, logistics, tax evasion, drugs and sport.

Connected course(s): Compulsory for: None, Semi-compulsory for: L250, L25Y, L2L3, L23L
Assessment: Reform proposal – 2000 words (40%) and Exam (60%)
Level: 5

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