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School of Politics and International Relations

POL180 Global Sociology

POL180 Global Sociology

Credits: 30
Semester: 1 and 2

Module Convenor: Dr Giulia Carabelli
Overlap: None
Prerequisite: None

Description: This module provides students with an introduction to central themes and concepts in Sociology, and applies them to particular cases. You will gain an understanding of what is distinctive about a sociological imagination of contemporary and historical concerns. The module helps you to see how our individual lives are connected to global developments such as climate change, migration, and the advancement of digital technology. You will also be introduced to how class, gender, race, identity, and religion organise relations in an era of globalisation. The overall aim is to introduce you to particular concepts that help you to understand how social relations are formed and change and to enhance your understanding of social change and continuity through a focus on particular issues, themes and cases.

Assessment: Item 1: 20% Critical reflection (1000 words) Item 2: 30% Essay (2000 words) Item 3: 50% Written take-home exam
Level: 4

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