School of Politics and International Relations

POL108 Background to British Politics

POL108 Background to British Politics

(POL108B Spring)

Credits: 15 credits

Semester: 1 and 2

Timetable: TBC

Contact: Professor Tim Bale

Overlap: None

Prerequisite: None

British Politics is not just about the institutions like cabinet, parliament, parties and pressure groups.  Nor is it simply about voting and elections.  It's also an ongoing attempt by more or less self-interested actors to cope with the issues, conflicts, opportunities and threats thrown up by time and chance, as well as by underlying economic and social developments.  Using  a thematic rather than a chronological approach, this module delves back decades and brings things bang-up-to-date in order to provide you with an academic understanding of why, politically, we are as we are today.

This module is compulsory for all single honours BA Politics and BA Politics with Business Management students.


1 x Essay (50%) & 1 Multiple Choice Test (50%)

Level: 4

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