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School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Haro Karkour, PhD (Leicester)


Honorary Lecturer

Twitter: @HaroKarkour


Prior to becoming an Honorary Lecturer in SPIR, I previously held teaching positions in the University of Leicester and the University of Birmingham.


Research Interests:

'My research draws on IR theory, particularly classical realism and post-colonialism, and its application to contemporary debates in US foreign policy, global justice and IR pluralism. My articles have appeared in such publications as International Relations, Journal of International Political Theory and European Journal of International Relations. I am also a frequent op-ed contributor in the newspaper Al-Ahram. 


Journal articles

2020 ‘Illiberal and irrational? Trump and the challenge of liberal modernity in US foreign policy’ International Relations. Online first. DOI:

2020 ‘'Bringing Morgenthau’s ethics in: pluralism, incommensurability and the turn from fragmentation to dialogue in IR’ European Journal of International Relations. Online first. DOI:

2019 ‘Debating global justice with Carr: the crisis of laissez faire and the legitimacy problem in the twenty first century’, Journal of International Political Theory. Online first. DOI:

2018 ‘Unipolarity’s Unpeacefulness and US Foreign Policy: Consequences of a Coherent System of Irrationality’, International Relations 32:1, pp. 60-79

Op-eds / public engagement

2020 ‘Would Biden Make a Difference?’ Al-Ahram Weekly, issue no. 1487 (9-15 April)

2018 ‘Educational Reform for Egypt 2030’ Al-Ahram Weekly, issue no. 1404 (2-8 August)

2017 ‘Democracy in the Digital Age’ Al-Ahram Weekly, issue no. 1359 (7-13 September)

          'New Order or New Conflict?’ Al-Ahram Weekly, issue no. 1330 (2-8 February)

2016 ‘Two Cheers for Sadat’ Al-Ahram Weekly, issue no. 1314 (6-12 October)

          ‘A Dream and its Discontents’ Al-Ahram Weekly, issue no. 1307 (11-17 August)

Public Engagement

Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs)

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