School of Politics and International Relations

Professor Adam Fagan, BSc (Bradford) MA (Manchester) PhD (Manchester)


Professor of European Politics and Head of School

Telephone: 020 7882 8602
Room Number: Arts One, 2.36
Office Hours: By appointment only


Adam was a co-investigator in the EU-funded MAXCAP (Maximizing the Integration Capacity of the European Union) research project His research focuses on the Europeanization of the Western Balkans, with particular reference to judicial reform, minority rights and environmental governance in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. He has also written extensively on civil society and social movement activism in Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans/South East Europe. Adam was co-founder of the UACES Collaborative Research Network on Fringe Politics South East Europe.

Adam is also Editor-in-Chief of East European Politics

Adam’s work has been funded by the AHRC, the British Academy, and the Leverhulme Foundation.
He is Head of School, holds a chair in European Politics at QMUL, and is also Professorial Fellow at the London School of Economics (LSEE – LSE South East Europe Research).

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Research Interests:

My research focuses on the Europeanization of the post-conflict former Yugoslav states of the Western Balkans.  I have written extensively on the impact of foreign donor aid to Bosnia-Herzegovina, the building of new policy knowledge and capacities in fragile democracies, as well as an evaluation of attempts by the EU to develop civil society and good governance in Serbia and Kosovo.  

Since joining the College in 2000, my research has been funded by grants from both the British Academy and the Nuffield Foundation. I have recently been awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship for my project 'Building Kosovo: an evaluation of EU intervention.'

Since September 2007 I have been principal investigator on an AHRC-funded £209,000 project examining the Europeanization of environmental governance in Bosnia and Serbia EU Compliance in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia (ECoBHAS)



Europeanization of the Western Balkans Environmental Governance in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, (Palgrave Macmillan 2015) co-authored with Indraneel Sircar.

Europe’s Balkan Dilemma: Paths to State building or Civil Society?, (I B Tauris, 2010).

Environment and Democracy in the Czech Republic: The Environmental Movement in the Transition Process, (Elgar,2004).

Edited Books

The Routledge Handbook of East European Politics, (Routledge 2018) edited by Adam Fagan, Petr Kopecký

Green Activism in Post-Socialist Europe and the Former Soviet Union, (Routledge 2011) edited by Adam Fagan, JoAnn Carmin.

Edited journal special issues

(with Indraneel Sircar) Activist Citizenship in Southeast Europe, Europe-Asia Studies (online), 69(9), 2017.

(with Tanja A Börzel) Environmental Governance in South East Europe/Western Balkans: Reassessing the Transformative Power of Europe, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, No 33(5) October 2015

(with Indraneel Sircar) Europeanisation and multi-level environmental governance in a post-conflict context: the gradual development of environmental impact assessment processes in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, No 33(5) October 2015

(with JoAnn Carmin) Environmental Mobilization and Organisations in Post-Socialist Europe and the Former Soviet Union, Environmental Politics, 19(5), 2010.

Working Papers

(with Indraneel Sircar, Antoaneta Dimitrova, and Elitsa Kortenska) Unintended Consequences of EU Conditionality on (Potential) Candidates, MAXCAP Working Paper Series, No. 14, August 2015, “Maximizing the integration capacity of the European Union: Lessons of and prospects for enlargement and beyond” (MAXCAP).

(with Indraneel Sircar) Judicial Independence in the Western Balkans: Is the EU’s ‘New Approach’ Changing Judicial Practices?, MAXCAP Working Paper Series, No. 11, June 2015, “Maximizing the integration capacity of the European Union: Lessons of and prospects for enlargement and beyond” (MAXCAP).

(with Dimiter Toshkov, Elitsa Kortenska and Antoaneta Dimitrova) The ‘Old’ and the ‘New’ Europeans: Analyses of Public Opinion on EU Enlargement in Review, MAXCAP Working Paper Series (No.2), April 2014, “Maximizing the integration capacity of the European Union: Lessons of and prospects for enlargement and beyond”.

(with Indraneel Sircar) Promoting Democracy in the Western Balkans After the Global Economic Crisis, LSE Papers on South Eastern Europe (No. 5), December 2012.

Journal Articles

(with Natasha Wunsch) Fostering Institutionalisation? The Impact of the EU Accession Process on State-Civil Society Relations in Serbia, Acta Politica (online), 2018.

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Book Chapters

“Building Environmental Governance in Potential Candidate Countries: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Processes in Bosnia-Herzegovina” In Arolda Elbasani (ed.) European integration and transformation in the Western Balkans Europeanization or business as usual? (Routledge, 2013).

(with Indraneel Sircar) “Environmental Movement Activism in the Western Balkans: Evidence from Bosnia-Herzegovina” in Kerstin Jacobsson and Steven Saxonberg  (eds.) Beyond NGO-ization: The Development of Social Movements in Central and Eastern Europe (Ashgate, 2013).

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“Environmental Capacity Building in the Czech Republic” in Martin Jänicke and Helmut Weidner (eds.) National

PhD Supervision

I welcome PhD proposals in the following broad areas:

  • Europeanisation of the Western Balkans
  • State-building and intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo
  • Environmental politics in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans
  • NGO and civil society development / governance and capacity building

Current PhD Students:

Ceren Ak (first supervisor), The Europeanization of Minority Rights in Turkey: A multilevel governance approach

Marius Calu (first supervisor), Multi-ethnic Models of Governance in Kosovo: Intended and unintended consequences of implementing minority rights in the post-conflict and post-independence context

Sean Parramore (first supervisor), Enduring Corruption: EU rule of law assistance and the actual sources of domestic power in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo since 2000

Paul Sims (co-supervisor with the School of History), The Growth of Environmentalism in Post-War Britain

Koen Slootmaeckers (first supervisor), Struggling for Acceptance: EU Accession and the LGBT Movement in the Western Balkans