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School of Politics and International Relations

POLM095 International Migration and Public Policy

Credits: 30 credits

Semester: Semester B

Timetable: Thursdays 15:00-17:00 Mondays

Contact: Dr Corina Lacatus

Availability: Optional module for MSc Public Policy students


Students will get a comprehensive understanding of how migration policy works at European and International levels and of the cutting-edge debates surrounding the so-called 'migration crisis'. Students will explore and critically analyse the causes and consequences of the migration crises from a public policy perspective. The module is divided in four parts. First, migration as a phenomenon of globalisation is introduced as well as the way states and the supranational level (EU and UN) have developed policies to `manage' and `control¿ migration. Second, the module offer a theoretical and empirical explanation of security and border policies and practices developed to control migration as well as of policies of integration. Third, the course spends some time discuss the so-called 2015 migration and refugee `crisis¿, the policies adopted by the EU, the divergent policies adopted by European member states and the role of European cities and regions. Fourth, the course studies the migration policies that are in place in North Africa, with a specific focus on the Moroccan immigration reform, and in West Africa, with a focus on ECOWAS.


  • Item 1: 40% Policy Brief (2000 words)
  • Item 2: 60% Research Essay (3000 words)
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