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School of Politics and International Relations

POLM059 Approaches to Political Economy

Credits: 30 credits

Semester: Semester A

Timetable: Monday 15:00-16:00 & 17:00-18:00 and Tuesday 16:00-17:00

Contact: Dr Andreas Papamichail

Availability: Compulsory module for MSc International Business and Politics students, optional module for MA & MRes International Relations students


This module provides an introduction to the theoretical foundations of the contemporary analyses of advanced capitalism. How have thinkers within politics and economics theorised and analysed the relationship between the two disciplines? Is it even possible to analytically distinguish between the two? The aim of this module is to answer these two questions by reference to the major theories within the field of political economy. The module analyses both classical and contemporary theories of political economy, and explores their continued relevance to understanding the development of advanced capitalism. Towards the end of the module we will consider some heterodox approaches brought to the fore by the onset of the ongoing financial and economic crisis and consider their relevance.


  • Item 1: 40% Critical Review (2500 words)
  • Item 2: 60% Research Essay (3500 words)
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