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School of Politics and International Relations

POLM059 Approaches to Political Economy

Credits: 30 credits

Semester: Semester A

Timetable: Thursday 13:00-15:00 (Webinar)

Contact: Patrick Neveling

Availability: Compulsory module for MSc International Business and Politics students, optional module for MA & MRes International Relations students


The module will provide an advanced historical grounding in the development of international business in the context of the rise of global capitalism, and then uses this grounding to explore the work of key thinkers who focus on the politics of capitalism and specifically international business, focusing on the social, the political and the economic. It will look at writers such as Smith, Ricardo, Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Spencer, Keynes, Schumpeter, Polanyi, Hayek and Minsky, and the approaches these writers take to understanding international business, and how this fits into their wider understanding of capitalism and modernity, and also how these debates influence current debates on international business and politics.

Assessment: 100% Coursework (Two Essays)

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