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School of Politics and International Relations

Zak Tobias

 Zak Tobias


Twitter: @zak_tobias

Supervisors: Professor Laleh Khalili and Dr Nivi Manchanda

Research topic: Transformation Zones: Digital Hubs, Class and (Geo)politics in Jordan

Research Interests: My research interests intersect with critical political economy, critical geography, Middle East studies and science and technology studies (STS).  These fields come together in my current project which seeks to map the political agencies embedded in the development of digital infrastructures through an ethnographic study of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) in Jordan. Its importance to academia and beyond lies in the need to reveal how the changing regional and transregional landscapes of markets, finance and labour arrangements are increasingly ‘routed’ in a politics of digital transformation. 


  • MSc Politics of the Middle East |SOAS (UK) SEPTEMBER 2020 – SEPTEMBER 2021 (Distinction)

  • Licenciatura (Bachelor’s equivalent) Linguistics and applied languages (original. Lingüística y lenguas aplicadas) | University Complutense Madrid* (Spain) SEPTEMBER 2015 – JULY 2018

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