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School of Politics and International Relations

Pedro Teres

Email: Pedro Teres profile photo

Research Topic: The Western exportation of violence towards countries in the Global South

Supervisor(s): Dr Molly Macdonald (School of English and Drama), James Eastwood (School of Politics and International Relations)

Research Interests: Critical Theory and Psychoanalysis, Violence, and Mathematical Modelling of Social Processes.

Education/Professional Qualifications:

  • BSc and MMath - Complutense University of Madrid/ Charles University of Prague
  • MPol  in Security and Defense-Spanish Center for National Defense Studies/ Complutense University of Madrid
  • PhD Candidate in English and Politics- QMUL

Work Experience:

  • Teaching Associate on Comparative Politics (King´s College) and International Relations (SPIR)
  • Adjunct lecturer on International Economics (CIEE Global Institute London)
  • Full-time Advanced Doctoral Program in Political Science (Higher School of Economics, Moscow)
  • Teaching Associate on Differential Calculus and General Topology (University of Hebron


Terés, P. (2018).The perception of the Iranian elites by the society and the main geopolitical actors. Journal of the Spanish Institute of Strategic Studies, Vol 12/2018

Terés, P. (2017).Elites and repression in Turkmenistan.Comillas Journal of International Relations, Vol  9/2017

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