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School of Politics and International Relations

Nika Mahnic

 Nika Mahnic



Twitter: @nikamahnic 


Supervisors: Dr Elke Schwarz and Prof Kimberly Hutchings

Research topic: Programmable infrastructures and state (de)formation

Research Interests: Data (in)justice, critical algorithm studies, public administration, privatisation, infrastructures, platforms 


  • BA Cultural studies/Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
  • MA Big Data in Culture and Society, Department of Digital Humanities, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, King’s College London, University of London

Work experience: 


Graduate Teaching Fellow - Civil and Political Rights, Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy, King’s College London (2021 -)


Researcher/Analyst - Business Strategy Analysis Unit (Finance Group) – HM Government, Department for Work and Pensions (2022, 3 month placement)

Graduate Teaching Fellow - Social Justice and Policy Analysis, Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy, King’s College London (2021)

Director of Community Relations - Moneylab conference – Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art Ljubljana (2020),

Conference Programme Lead, Grounded Festival of electronic music, critical thinking and activism - Institute for Culture of Diversity Open (2018 – 2021)


Mahnič, Nika. "Gamification of politics: start a new game." Teorija in praksa 51.1 (2014): 143-161.

Mahnič, Nika. "Encountering bloody others in mined reality." AI & SOCIETY 34.1 (2019): 153-160.

Google Scholar: 

Funding: AHRC London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP)

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