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School of Politics and International Relations

Ljuba Castelli - Spinoza Liberty and Multitude

Ljuba Castelli

After completing my BA in Philosophy at Università degli studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo,” I undertook my Master’s Degree in “ Working in a non-profit sector” organized by the Economy and Sociology Faculty of Università degli studi di Urbino.

My current research topic intends to analyze the political Thought of the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza and his attentions for the dynamic of multitude. The political and anthropological Thought of Baruch Spinoza is able to offer a relevant research and perspective for our contemporary society. I intend to reevaluate the complexity and originality of Spinoza’s philosophy, different from the traditional explanation, and improve Deleuze’s, Negri’s, Giancotti’s and Balibar’s reading of Spinoza. Baruch Spinoza ( 1632 – 77) was one of the most important philosopher of all time. He devoted the rest of his life to search for truth, freedom, and moral well-being. He also pursued his vision of “true religion” and the secular and free state. 

Spinoza was also a metaphysical and moral philosopher, political and religious thinker, biblical exegete, multitude’s theorist, grinders of lenses, failed merchant, Jewish heretic. These aspects of Spinoza’s life are real interesting, various, and at time opposing, moreover, these ones created one of history’s most radical thinkers.

My research intends demonstrate that Spinoza’s thought provides a coherent project of human liberation – from Ethics to his political treatises.

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